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Home of RapidCRC

What is RapidCRC?
RapidCRC is a tool for windows for checking and creating CRC32 and MD5 checksums; this comprises:

  • SFV files
  • MD5 files
  • specialty: direct support for CRC32 in the filename (common for anime releases; for example "MyFile [45DEF3A0].avi")

This helps you to check and ensure that your files are OK and not corrupted.

Goal is to use the fastest available open source (assembly) implementations for this task. Currently these implementations are used in RapidCRC:

  • CRC32: i386 assembly implementation (one byte table lookup)
  • MD5: OpenSSL MD5 i386 assembly implementation
  • MD5: reference implementation from RFC (much slower; available at compile time. Not used in the release version of RapidCRC)

These are currently considered to be the fastest existing implementations(*). If you know of even faster implementations please drop me a note.


2005.02.05 RapidCRC 0.6.1 released (bugfix release)
2005.01.20 RapidCRC 0.6 released and Website updated
2004.11.25 RapidCRC 0.5 released
2004.11.10 Some small corrections in the faq (es. the Visual Style Screenshots)
2004.10.25 RapidCRC 0.4 released
2004.10.09 Site moves to Sourceforge.net
2004.09.03 FAQ updated
2004.09.02 RapidCRC 0.3.2 released
2004.08.29 Website and FAQ updated.
2004.08.28 Forum is now open
2004.08.27 RapidCRC 0.3 released. First Release to the public

(*) I found another assembly implementation for MD5 that can use the instruction set provided by the Athlon64 processor. They claim to be a bit faster than the OpenSSL implementation, but since I don't have an Athlon64 I can neither prove that nor can I use that implementation in RapidCRC.