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Download -- New Release Notification

There are several thousand projects hosted on Sourceforge.net. If you use some of these it might be hard to keep all your programs up to date.

For that reason Sourceforge.net provides a nice feature: 'File Monitoring'. You have to do two small things:

  1. Register an account at Sourceforge.net
  2. Click on the Monitor Icon on the RapidCRC Project Page

From now on will Sourceforge.net send you an email notification if a new version of RapidCRC or one of your other programs hosted on Sourceforge.net, that provides file monitoring, is available.

ad 1.):
Sourceforge is a big open source software hoster. They won't sell your email adress nor do something bad with it. Read the privacy policy here

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The File Monitoring icon looks like in this picture:

File Monitor Icon